We are the undisputed source of high-quality HD music videos, mixshow tools, and remixes for professional video DJs.


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Video Pool Features

Untouchable quality

Our quality sets the standard for a reason. Our music videos are pristine. But we'll let you be the judge.

Unlimited downloads

Access to the largest music video pool in the world. Genres including Hip-Hop, RnB, Top 40, Country, Latin, Reggae, Moombah, House, Electro, Trap, Dubstep & other EDM.

Cloud Rescue

In the event of a hard drive failure or a computer crash, our Cloud Rescue feature will get you back up and running fast.

4k compatibility

Because of our proprietary encoding processes, our TRUE 1080p videos will compliment your 4k displays.

The most resolutions

A variety of resolutions to not only fit the original video source but your application as well. SD, 540p qHD, 720p HD, 1080p FULL HD (true/real high definition).

VJ/DJ Toolz

The industry’s widest selection of VJ/DJ mixing toolz available. Extended mixes, remixes, intros, outros, transitions, acapellas… Snipz, Xtendz, BlenX, BlenX-In.


Fully syncable. On all of your devices.

On your iPhone or Android. On your Mac or PC. Or even in the club. SmashVision members can access content from anywhere at anytime through our cross-platform apps.

Productivity on the go.

With the iPhone/Android app and Desktop Downloader, you can preview, queue and download videos remotely to your local machine — watch the downloader fill up your crates automatically.

Our Quality vs. Others

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More Features

Desktop Downloader

We've integrated with crateQ to bring you the best download experience in the industry. Search, Download, Drag+Drop.

Direct Music Service edits

We have partnered with the premiere website for audio remixes & edits, Direct Music Service, to bring you the official videos for their exclusive audio content.

Serato, Virtual DJ, rekordbox & Mix Emergency ready.

Our videos come uniformly tagged and cued with pre-built overviews. Download, drag, drop. Done.

Old School & Classics Remastered in High Definition

Digitally remastered Old School & Classic videos like you've never seen them before. Seriously though: we spend countless hours breathing new life into old music videos with our proprietary inverse telecine techniques.


Audio generated visuals for must-have tracks with no official music video available.


Edits brought to you by the most talented video editors in the game: Audio1, Danny Diggz, Donk, Drew Pierce, Fraze, Fuseamania, Gregg R, Jack Millz, Jason Bee, Kevin Scott, Kue, PeteDown, Scooter, Simo, Spryte, VDJ JD, Warren Peace & more...

Video Tour



$ 0
  • 30 days of current "Snipz" toolz
  • Mobile app (iOS / Android)


Core features for the professional VJ.
$ 29 /MONTH
  • Everything FREE offers, PLUS:
  • 720p HD complete video toolz: Xtendz, Snipz, Club, Transition, BlenX, BlenX in, Single, Acapella


Truly unlimited access.
$ 50 /MONTH
  • Everything PRO offers, PLUS:
  • 1080p HD video toolz
  • Remastered Old School & Classic videos
  • SynX (visualizer)
  • Cloud Rescue
  • Direct Music Service edits
  • crateQ (desktop downloader)

Frequently Asked Questions

The RED buttons are the explicit versions. And the GREY are the clean ones.

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive library of video “toolz” — special edits of videos so you’re ready for anything:

  • Xtendz: full song with 32-beat/8-bar intro & outro
  • Snipz: first verse with 32-beat/8-bar intro & outro
  • Club: full song with 64-beat/16-bar intro & outro
  • Single: radio/album cut
  • BlenX: 32-beat/8-bar intro, first verse, half-hook in with beat, half-hook out with acapella & for the duration of the song
  • BlenX in (acapella in): whole-hook in with acapella followed by full song with 32-beat/8-bar outro.

SynX are our audio-generated visuals for must-have tracks with no official music video available.


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